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When you’re in a relationship, it’s easy to get bogged down on what’s bothering you, however, if your relationship ends in divorce there is one crucial thing you should do once any feeling of resentment and anger subside. The crucial step? Confession.

It’s Good for the Soul… The Step You Should Take Post Divorce

For this step we aren’t talking about anything religious, but rather confronting the things you did wrong in the relationship and confessing those sins. This confession could be to yourself, to a friend or family member, or even (if you’re on good terms with them) to your ex.

It’s important to step back, look at what you did wrong in a relationship, and take responsibility for your actions (or in some cases, your inactions). What were your mistakes in your marriage? Did you forget to tell your spouse how much you loved them? Were you absent when your spouse needed you? Did you blame them for all of your problems without taking responsibility for your own mistakes?

Whatever your mistakes were, owning up to them and letting someone know that you’ve seen the error of your ways can go a long way. Admitting your sins can help you know how you can be a better partner in your next relationship, or could help validate your ex’s frustrations.

Not only could confessing your mistakes make your ex feel validated, but it might also help you feel better about your divorce. Looking your mistakes right in the eyes and accepting that you aren’t perfect could help get rid of the anger and frustrations that sometimes accompany divorce.

Trust us when we say that confession is good for the soul… especially if you’re recently divorced.

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