Our goal is to assist you in reaching a fair and equitable resolution of your family’s conflicts through alternative dispute resolution methods, and, when necessary, through zealous and diligent litigation. Whatever the path, we stand beside you every step of the way.Review your matter confidentially with an attorney during this no-obligation 60-minute* consultation. *Some matters require less time.
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Family Law & Divorce Attorney in Hennepin County

Marriage and children. Divorce and custody. Property and support. These issues define the practice of family law. These issues also touch the heart of every one of our clients.

At Moore Family Law, we understand that your family law case is not about paper. It’s about you and your family. We believe that our job is to empower our clients to make the best decision for their family with the assistance of our knowledge, skills, guidance and advice. We partner with you to create your new future.

Moore Family Law attorneys in Hennepin County offer caring legal advice, knowledgeable representation, and strategic partnership.

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